Warmth…. Day 1 #Writetribe #writebravely #FestivalOfWordsJune2018

Today Roohi is the happiest and luckiest woman on this Universe. Rahil is sleeping quietly on Akhil’s big and warm chest. Roohi herself had felt that warmth many times when she rested on Akhil’s chest while feeling his heartbeat. The time his heart was running faster than Usain Bolt on hearing the news of Roohi’s pregnancy, the time whenever she needed him during those nine months and the time when the doctor told him that there are some complications in the delivery, Roohi felt that heartbeat and warmth every time.

Roohi was looking at both her favourite boys, sleeping so peacefully. She smiled at her fortune. Akhil woke up and smiled at Roohi, kissed her picture on his bedside table and said in his heart, “I miss you Roohi.”


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

This blog post is part of #Writetribe #writebravely #FestivalOfWordsJune2018

38 thoughts on “Warmth…. Day 1 #Writetribe #writebravely #FestivalOfWordsJune2018

  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    A hauntingly sad story that left me wondering why life should be so unfair to the boys! Wish Roohi didn’t have to leave them behind. Lovely take on the prompt, Nidhi.

  2. Maya Bhat says:

    Touching.. To be frank this kind of story scares me. I guess, the lady lost her life while giving birth.

    Now a days I come to read many news about about death during child birth. I am yet to have a baby and this scares me to the core.

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