KISS… Day 2 #Writetribe #writebravely #FestivalOfWordsJune2018

It is been 2 years since Avantika’s last visit to this restaurant, where she met Mike. She still cannot forget those dreamy eyes. She found out that the restaurant was closed for the day, she somehow managed to get the address of Mike. As she was getting closed to his house, her heart started beating in jet speed. “He might have forgotten me,” She said in her heart. Still, she wants to meet him once. Avantika reached the address, it was an alley. She saw all the clothes were hanging on the rope to get dry when she recognised one red and white striped t-shirt.

“Avi!” Someone called her. Avantika closed her eyes and ran towards the voice. Next moment all they knew that they were in an embrace of each other. “You came back!” Mike said in an excited tone. “Yes, to give you what you had asked 2 years back,” says Avantika, planted a passionate kiss on Mike’s warm lips.

Avantika wakes up, her breath was faster than usual, she was sweating. Varun, her husband is sleeping peacefully next to her. Avantika smiled at her dream which she is seeing since she came back from Italy. “Aah! I should have kissed him,” Avantika said it in her heart with a smile and went back to sleep.


-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved

This blog post is part of #Writetribe #writebravely #FestivalOfWordsJune2018

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