It was a dream come true for Anna to stay in The Ritz in Paris. It was where her idol Princess D. has stayed before that unfortunate accident. As Anna checked into the hotel, she found out they have upgraded her to the same suite of Princess D. Anna was touching everything in that room and feeling the touch of Princess D. She sat on the couch where Princess and her fiancee had their last coffee. Anna idolises her life with the Princess, the only difference is that the Princess was running with her fiancee and Anna is running away from her fiancee. Anna is an international dancing star, the media and the public always wanted to know every bit about her.

After the dinner, Anna took a night tour to see the night lights of the Eiffel tower. Hotel staff informed her about the paparazzi standing at the entrance door of the hotel. They asked to follow the stairs and take an emergency exit where one car is waiting for her. Anna took the stairs, she felt it was the same stairs Princess D. and her fiancee used to reach to the emergency exit on that fateful night. She opened the emergency exit and found a black Mercedes is waiting for her. Anna sat in the car, as the car speeds up, Anna saw few cars and bikes are following her. She felt a tightness in her stomach; they are not reporters or paparazzi. They are hitman sent to kill her. Anna knew who is behind this, she asked the driver to take her to the police station. The driver drove into the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel. Anna saw the speed limit sign in the tunnel states ‘Max up to 60 km per hour’. She saw the car speedometer, the digital metre was blinking ‘120 km per hour’. Before Anna can do anything, a loud bang and everything goes blank.

Anna woke up with a jolt, her heart was beating so fast it can anytime jump out of her sweaty body. Anna looked around, she was sleeping on the bed of Hotel Ritz, where Princess D. rested for the last time.


  1. Natasha says:

    Great plotting. Good job Nids. Just work on the tenses a bit. Wanted to give you honest feedback. Lots of love🤗💕

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