“I cannot forgive them. They behaved so harshly with me. I am hurt,” Nupur said in an angry tone. She was all jolted by her family’s behaviour. Nupur felt like an outsider in her own house. She decided to leave Sumit and the country for good. Today she came to visit her therapist and energy management teacher Siddharth for the last session.

After hearing her entire ordeal, Siddharth said in his composed voice, “Nupur! If you are happy with this decision, you should go ahead.” Siddharth saw a confusion on Nupur’s face, he continued, “Let us imagine your life without your family. You need to spend some time with yourself. I am sure you will feel relax when you will come back and found no one at home. No one will be around to interfere in your daily routine. You can meditate and sleep peacefully. There will be zero disturbance while you are reading or writing. I am sure you will be happier ALONE.”

Nupur started crying. She felt that she is not only leaving her family but part of herself. Siddharth knew that Nupur understood his context, he continued in the same composed tone, “We can stay alone with ourselves to know ourselves. But what after that?” Nupur looked at Siddharth in surprise, trying to find words. Siddharth smiled and continued, “We are not the part of the family, they are part of us. Something which comes from within, which you created, now you are searching your place in it. Instead of fighting for a designation in it, just cherish your creation.” Nupur face lit up with pride of creating a beautiful family. Siddharth read her face and continued, “You follow Buddhism. I am sure you have read about Gautam Buddha. When he started teaching people about good karma, the lotus sutra and his other teachings, some people did not like his approach and they started protesting his teachings. They have hurled abuses and even stones at him. He replied to everyone but in his own style. Buddha believed instead of him replying to them, their Karma will speak for Buddha. He taught that make your energy and karma so strong that others energy and karma speaks your language.”

Nupur said in a little frustrating tone, “Which means I should tolerate every nonsense they are doing?”

“No, who said about tolerating the nonsense. I am asking you to dodge the bullet of nonsense. You will only get hurt when you let the bullet hit you. When people were throwing stones at Buddha, he used to get away from that place and goes into hiding until the stone showering was on. Same thing you have to do. Do not let yourself hurt by others,” Siddharth said with a smile.

Nupur smiled and said, “Oh, God! is this always so easy and simple?”

Siddharth smiled and nodded with his eyes.

-GS Nidhi

© 2018 by NidhiGS. All rights reserved


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  1. Lancelot (@Lanzomaniac) says:

    Hi There. The explanation is good. Of course you can decide to dodge the bullet and let it not affect you. Keeping your karma and energy strong is what matters. We often yearn for the world to run as per our liking. That’s something we must understand is not possible!

    • Storyteller says:

      Thanks so much. It is not about running the world according to you. It’s about your karma and energy should be that much strong that Universe will speak for you in form of other’s karma and energy.

    • Storyteller says:

      Thanks Esha. I know what u r thinking, actually when My energy management guru told me this thing even I was also not agreeing with him. Then he gave me logic behind it and some exercise to follow, now I have experienced myself the shifts of energy.

  2. Monika Suri says:

    Nidhi I have earlier also expressed that I love your blog . Every post I have read has given me positive vibes . You are following Budhism ? I want to know more about it . How can you help me ?

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